What’s is a wrap and how long does it last?

A wrap is a large piece of vinyl designed to cover all or part of your vehicle’s painted surfaces. Typically wraps can last 3-7 years…. but a lot of that depends on a number of variables, is it parked in the sun all the time, do you have a garage to park it in, do you drive down dirt roads, do trees scratch your vehicle often, etc.? A well maintained wrap can last years and actually protect the paint underneath.

Do you install the wraps and what do I need to do?

Yes, we install all our graphics. We can install onsite weather depending or in a climate controlled garage. A vehicle that’s going to be wrapped will need to be completely clean and free of dirt or wax. No Wax! Waxing actually creates such a smooth surface causing the vinyl’s adhesive to take much longer to bond and could cause premature peeling of the wrap.

Can I purchase the vinyl wrap from you and install it myself?

Of course! We supply all different types of wrap materials in hundreds of colors. If you feel you want to wrap your vehicle yourself, we will give you some hints and tips. We Do Not however warranty any of the vinyl or the installation of DIY installs.

Wrap Care Sheet